Thursday, July 28, 2016

This is what the truth is about us

the irregular weather in pakistan is because of this machine ..... illuminati knows that they cannot destroy us so they are using such machines to destroy pakistan via floods and heavy rains ....

Wednesday, January 18, 2012

Below is the list of Pakistanis who are confirmed members of zoinist groups like Council on Foreign Relations,Asia Socity and so on.
Pakistanis listed below are only tip of the iceberg there are many many more like them infact our government is full of them.

So let us first look at Council on Foreign Relations . here are its Pakistani members i was able recognize

1. Mansoor Ijaz
Famous for memogate scandal and other secret goverment is his name on cfr website

2. Mahnaz Ispahani
she is sister of PPP MNA Farahnaz Ispahani

3. Syeda Sughra Imam
She daughter of PPP MNA and former ambassador of United States Syeda Abida Hussain
She is a formar Council on Foreign Relations member before becoming MPA in Pakistani Parliment in 2002.Here is her profile

Next we look at Hudson Institute . Hudson Institute is think tank of neo conservatives and is very much closely associated with Council on Foreign Relations and Bilderberg Group.if u want to learn more about Hudson Institute and its relation with New World Order then visit this link

here is its very important member who is also a very important Pakistani

1.Hussain Haqqani
Hussain Haqqani who is well known in Pakistan and dont have to write much to explain it .

here is some information about him on Hudson Institute website

Next we look at Asia Society a non-profit organization founded in 1956 by John D. Rockefeller III
here are its members who are Pakistanis

1.Mr. Shahid Ahmad
Chief Executive, Information and Systems Corporation (Pvt) Ltd

2.Syeda Henna Babar Ali
Advisor, Consumer Division, Packages Ltd.

3.Professor Imran A. Ali
Professor & Dean, Lahore University of Management Sciences

4.Mr. Rafiq M. Habib
Chairman, House of Habib

5.Mr. Hameed Haroon
Founder and CEO, Dawn Group of Newspapers
Pakistan Herald Publications (Pvt.) Limited

6.Mr. Sadruddin Hashwani
Chairman, Hashoo Group

7.Dr. Attiya Inayatullah
Member of Parliament

8.Ms. Asma Jahangir
Advocate, Supreme Court of Pakistan
AGHS Law Associates

9.Dr. Nighat Said Khan
Dean of Studies, Institute of Women's Studies Lahore

10.Dr. Shaharyar N. Khan

11.Mr. Tariq M. Rangoonwala
Trustee, Rangoonwala Foundation

12.Mr. Najam Sethi
Editor-in-Chief, The Friday Times and Geo Tv Anchor

13.Hassan Abbas
Hassan is a former Pakistani government official who served in the administrations of Prime Minister Benazir Bhutto (1995–1996) and President Pervez Musharraf (1999–2000).

14.Faiysal Alikhan
Faiysal AliKhan is Senior Advisor, Public Policy, for DHL Pakistan. He is also the Founder and Executive Director of FIDA, an organization working in the southern districts of Pakistan’s Frontier Province and Tribal Area.

15.Ayesha Haroon
Ayesha Haroon is editor of The News International in Lahore and an associate fellow at the Asia Society.

16.Sharmeen Obaid-Chinoy
Sharmeen helped found The Citizens Archive of Pakistan, a non-profit, volunteer organization that works with thousands of underprivileged children

Here are the links where their names are written

Finance Ministers Affiliated to Citigroup and World Bank

1.Abdul Hafeez Shaikh
He served in the 1990s as country head of the World Bank's operations in Saudi Arabia and was senior official advising 21 countries in Asia, Africa, Europe and Latin America.

2.Shaukat Tarin
He joined Citibank in 1975 and remained with it for 22 years rising to become its country manager in Thailand.

3.Shukat Aziz (Also Formar Prime Minister)
In 1969, he joined Citibank and started his career as Credit Officer from CitiBank Pakistan. During his career, Aziz subsequently served in various countries including Pakistan, Greece, United States, United Kingdom, Malaysia, Philippines, Jordan, Saudi Arabia and Singapore. Aziz held various and prestigious positions in Citibank including Corporate and Investment Banking (CIB), Corporate Planning Officer (CPO), Chief Financial Officer of Citicorp, and Manager Director of Citiban Singapore. He has been a board member of Citibank subsidiaries, including Saudi American Bank, Citicorp Islamic Bank, and of several non-profit organizations

4.Shahid Javed Burki
He is only person from Pakistan to receive Rhodes Scholarship(Which was started by Cecil Rohodes a very well known illuminati).Burki joined the World Bank in 1974 as a Senior Economist and went on to serve in several senior positions including: the (first) Director of the China Department (1987–1994), and the Regional Vice President for Latin America and the Caribbean (1994–1999). He persuaded the World Bank's senior management, in the immediate aftermath of the Chinese authorities' repression of the Tiananmen Square protests of 1989, that the Bank should stay actively engaged with China—a stance challenged at the time by many of the Bank's most powerful shareholder countries. He took a leave of absence from the World Bank to serve as Pakistan's Finance Minister in 1996-1997. He retired from the Bank in 1999.

5.Mahbub ul Haq
He was Ministry of Treasury at World Bank From 1970-1982

All of these peoples are confirmed Illumanati's in Pakistan . but it does not stop to them there are more and more infact since 1947 they are the real people who are ruling pakistan from behind the throne specially Pakistan Army is Full of them .